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Break out of the daily monotony and learn one of the most effective self defense art originated in Hong Kong. Your opponent is too strong and fast for you? You want to learn how you can use your body in a way that you can dissolve violence with little effort? Just with efficient skills?

You would like to have a confident behavior? More vitality and energy for physical and mental well-being? No fear of violence anymore? Then start to practise Ving Tsun Kuen Hok from the students of master Wong Shun Leung from Daniel Ruzicka by joining a private or group class in Munich.

Learn scientific approved attributes and skills
to protect yourself and your family
  • Is practical for women and men in any ages
  • For total beginners or experienced martial artists
  • Especially useful for smaller and weaker people
  • Learn approved Hong Kong street techniques
  • You learn intensive and fast, directly from Daniel Ruzicka
  • Benefit from 12 years experience in Ving Tsun Kung Fu
  • Relaxed and familiar atmosphere in small groups
  • Reliable exercises improve your attention and concentration
  • Free video tutorials which supports you practising
  • Flexible teaching method which adapts to your experience
  • No graduations, examinations or rankings - no secrets
  • Become balanced and peaceful with body, mind and soul
  • And live a healthy, confident and relaxed life


Authentic Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kuen Hok in Munich

Dou you like to practise regularly in a small group and collect outstanding experience with other training partners? Then just come to our training and join our motivated and friendly Ving Tsun Boxing Team without any obligation. Daniel speaks German and English.

Training takes place every Tuesday at 8:00 pm in Machtlfinger Straße 10, Munich Obersendling, as well on Saturday at 2:00 pm in the English Garden close to the Monopteros "Trommeltreff" in Munich.

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The "Basic Class" Training

At the Ving Tsun Kuen Hok School the student will be involved in formal and non formal training classes. In the formal "Basic Class" training the students get instructions in form of solo and partner drills. They will be corrected by the teacher continuously.

In the students' early stages of development, we set a high value on the formal training class to make sure that all entire concepts and technical information is completely understood.

This kind of guided training allows the student to build up his basic skills in a step-by-step art, that guaranteeing us that every action and concept is performed as accurately as possible before moving on to more difficult actions or concepts, whether in solo practice or with partners.

That's the reason why the "Basic Class" training is perfectly designed for beginners who couldn't gain any experience in the method of master Wong Shun Leung's 'Ving Tsun Kuen Hok' before.

The "Hong Kong Style" Training

The non formal class has his place for students that want to have time allowed for personal training single-handedly. This kind of training our international friends from Malaysia and Australia like to call it the "Hong Kong Style" training method, so as we call it the same.

This can involve solo training, such as working on forms or individual skills, the use of training equipment (wall bags, focus mids, wooden dummy etc.), or working with a partner on specific drills to enhance skills and attributes.

The focus of WSL Ving Tsun Kuen Hok naturally is that reality always plays a major part in the training. That being the case, there is always an emphasis on street application, with regular pressure-testing being undertaken to develop and maintain the most effective level of skill.

For that reason there is a certain level of contact involved in class to build up the confidence of the students and to both ensure and maintain that they keep focused on the fact that WSLVT is a true combat system designed primary to deal with the reality of street violence, as opposed to a competitive or fitness orientated martial art system.


One single group class on Tuesday / Saturday is about 10 per session.
If you like to attend on a more regular basis, then you have the option to purchase a monthly flatrate for 50 € per month.

For authentic WSLVT schools there is no place for grades, belts or examinations. The student's skills and qualifications can be established and refined any time individually through the process of training. There are no such as kind of memberships or contracts intended. Therefore neither yearly nor extra costs will burden the students of the Ving Tsun Kuen Hok school.

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The special Ving Tsun personal training at your home

Whatever reasons there are you decide to make demands on a private training. Either you need to spend already lots of time on work, school, hobbies and your family, so you can't join a group class on a regular basis, or you have to get yourself prepaired quickly and effective. Or maybe you have some personal obstacles and problems which you don't like to overcome by yourself. In this case you can get in touch to Daniel Ruzicka trustfully.

It doesn't matter if you like to practise outside in a park or in the privacy of your own home. Now it is possible to make your first step, together with Ving Tsun Boxer all around Munich + 100 km and get over your boundaries and limitations. There is no excuse for a small room neither any excuses. Whether in the English Garden, on a sports ground or in your own home garden.

Private training is a matter of trust and is ideal for business people, which are traveling a lot and want to strengthen their inner confidence and encourage their natural physical and mental skills and abilities as well as for women and men which either want to overcome personal fears, traumas and problems or want to be able dissolving physical violence and external conflicts.


The fees for private classes with Daniel Ruzicka are regulated by distance and the number of hours booked. To make sure you get your best offer, please contact me by mail here or call me on this number 0151 7000 8898 so I can answer your questions and clarify your needs. Then we can arrange a date and time for a first guidance and consulting lesson.

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Workshops, Seminars & Training Camps

Upon request I provide compact Mini Workshops, as well as Intensive Seminars and Training Camps (from 5 to 50 people) for several days. They can be booked in whole Germany and international countries.

Have still questions?

If you have still questions, then just contact me. Do you want a personal coaching at your place, then I recommened to book a private lesson. You can call me on my phone as well by using this number:

0151 7000 8898

Friday to Sunday from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm*

*Please keep in mind, I can't be available during private lessons.

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