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Hier kannst Du öffentliche Fragen stellen und Deine Vorschläge, Anregungen und Feedback zu meinen Videos und zum Training abgeben. Ich lese und antworte auf jeden Kommentar. Vielen Dank!

Here you can ask your public questions and post your suggestions, enquiries and feedback about my videos and training classes. I read and answer every single comment. Thank you very much!

Post your feedback...

Daniel Ruzicka

So, 30.08.2015 | 14:34

Hello guys, finally I have posted my first video tutorial and today I created the new comments function. So now you can post your questions to every video you like. But if you have just some enquiries which are not related to some specific video topic, then just post all your comments here.

I will read all your comments and answer them as soon as I find some time. Don't be afraid to ask some stupid questions. There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers.. ;) So let's keep the rock rolling...

I'm very excited about my video project and looking forward for your questions and feedback which I will use to make my video tutorials better.

And don't wonder: If you post your comment it will not be visible for other people before I unlock it. That's just a protection against spam comments.

So feel free to share with me your ideas, suggestions and thoughts about our passion: Ving Tsun Kuen Hok and the world of martial arts.

Best Regards, Daniel

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